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Here it is your goal, to rise you and your team out of the ashes of a biological armageddon and lead the world back to renewal.

It is a race to SURVIVE, to REBUILD, and to CONTROL.

In this post-apocolyptic world, your goal is for you and your team to survive. To make a team, create a page about your team and your character. Your team will consist of up to ten people (not including your character) that will help your persona achieve dominance over others, expand territory, fight against obsticles, and survive. It's up to you whether you wish to take the extremely risky but rewarding route of trying to dominate the world, or to take the challenging but character strengthening destination of trying to rebuild humanity. But no matter what path you choose to take, there is one task you must complete before achieving your goal to survive.

In a world of dangers unlike you've ever seen before, this game will not only test your survival skills, but your leading ability. Your knack for controling others to lead you to victory will help you make the choice: will you rule with an iron fist, or a relatable character? Your character will be tested, your leadership will be pushed to its limits, and your survival skills will be hardened. So. In a world, where there's nobody left but you to lead a band of survivors to victory, are you ready to enter:

The Deadworld?

Before you create your survival group, read the following: Making a Team, Example Team, and Making a Blog.

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21 Babylon

Created by the co-founder/founder of the wiki, Tesla Man.

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